domingo, 29 de marzo de 2009

Real talks with the client

Really shocking the service strategy of this Spanish bank, Caja Navarra. They have a video-tool to communicate with their clients. Some thoughts:

1 .- A real revolution on service. Talk to somebody you can see, instead to talk to a careless voice!.

2 .- Is this the beginning of a new trend ? The operator will start to think more on client needs instead of the script on his/her screen?

3 .- Is this the end of annoying answers like: "..... sorry, the system will not let me do what you need? "

4 .- Is this a way to recover the human being behind the call center restrictions ?

5 .- Is this new tool really going to improve the customer experience?

Countries like Spain are really going faster than mine in the internet use to maintain conversations with clients.If you want to read some academic analysis, enjoy the Enrique Dans blog. You will find his entertaining, well structured and always interesting posts.

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